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    City Conference Centre Stockholm

    With us you will find some of Stockholm’s finest banquet halls! We arrange everything from glitzy parties, gala dinners with entertainment and mingling before the theater to the intimate dinner. No matter how you want to celebrate, we have the premises, the food and the service just for you.

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    Ballbreaker - Conference & Event in Stockholm

    At Ballbreaker, there is only your imagination that sets the limit. All our activities can be booked at half or full-time alternatively, they are also packaged in different combinations for different purposes.

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    Crystal Plaza Hotel

    Crystal Plaza Hotel has the charm from the 1800s Östermalm well combined with the 2000-century amenities. The classic Art Nouveau building right in the heart of Stockholm, we receive you with the hope to make your stay a satisfying and memorable experience. You choose rooms according to your needs. Our 111 rooms has its own character, and many of our guests have their own special favorite. From the simple and practical to the more luxurious and exclusive.

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    Welcome to Sturebadet's restaurant and event hall, Curman. Settle down in the calm in the centre of Stureplan's hectic premises of Sturebadet with a view over the SPA's pool.

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    Elite Hotel Arcadia

    Located on Östermalm in central Stockholm not far away from the legendary 1912 Olympic Stadium and the Royal institute of Technology you will find The Elite Hotel Arcadia. It is an elegant property from the late fifties where guests can enjoy a newly renovated hotel with a four star service.

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    Fine Food

    In the beginning of August in 2006 we made our dream come true and opened a different supermarket in Hammarby Sjöstad. After many years of working in top restaurants with only the best commodities, the vision of a business that would inspire and convey the love we had for really good food was founded. Produced by people with the utmost pride and competence in their field. That´s how the idea was born, that´s when FineFood was born.

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    In the Waterfront Building the odd host couple the Griffins have opened the Griffins' Steakhouse Extraordinaire. We welcome you into a home with an atmosphere that is all about the good in life and the unexplainable we experience. Now the doors have finally opened. Behind the buildings hard and angular facade, another world opens up. An intimate feeling of being at home runs through the Griffins' Steakhouse Extraordinaire - where the chemist Griffins and his younger and very beautiful wife is to thank for the vibe of the place.

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    Grodan Sergel