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    Gästgifvaregården i Tjällmo - Inn in Tjällmo

    In the middle of the village Tjällmo - the old service district and with four towns within a radius of seventy kilometres - The Tjällmo Inn, dating from the 1600s, has its strategic location. Here we offer a charming accommodation in tranquil setting with an excellence. kitchen. Our kitchen offers top-notch food with roots in Swedish cooking. The changing seasons can be observed in the local produce and of course, fish and game from the surrounding lakes and forests recurring element in cooking.

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    Gits Gård

    Conference in a secluded country hotel. We offer a quiet and intimate environment, created to work in peace, efficiency and creativity. A lovely garden with pool & wood-fired tin, framed by the open countryside just outside of Falkenberg. We accept large and small groups (8-80 people). Three conference rooms and several breakout rooms are at your disposal, all fully technologically equipped.

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    GrebbestadFjorden - Conference & Camping in Grebbestad

    Grebbestad fjord is a year-round open tourist and conference center on the seafront in Grebbestad. Here are guesthouses, hostels, cabins and campsites. It features 450 modern campsites with a high standard throughout the year.

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    In the Waterfront Building the odd host couple the Griffins have opened the Griffins' Steakhouse Extraordinaire. We welcome you into a home with an atmosphere that is all about the good in life and the unexplainable we experience. Now the doors have finally opened. Behind the buildings hard and angular facade, another world opens up. An intimate feeling of being at home runs through the Griffins' Steakhouse Extraordinaire - where the chemist Griffins and his younger and very beautiful wife is to thank for the vibe of the place.

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    Grodan Sergel

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    If you are looking for a spa out of the ordinary? Hagabadet, a ancient city Spa in the middle of Gothenburg that has something for all your senses. Here in our fantastic house, people have bathed, met and had a ​​good time since 1876. Come and enjoy a little extra luxury with spa treatments, cures, excellent training opportunities, good food, massage, relaxation and beautiful bath too. Of course you can take a dip in the famous Egg.

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    Hälluddens Cabins & Conference

    In Hälludens Cabins & Conference there are four different options of accommodation, depending on number of guests and what standard is required. In shared buildings, near the cabins, sauna, brand new showers with mosaic floors and tiles, grill, phone, and recreation.

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    Halmstad - Destination Halmstad in Halland

    Turn loose with concert by the sea or sit back in one of the many outdoor cafe . Maybe you prefer a spin on a dance floor, or gospel concert in Gullbranna. In Gyllene Tider's hometown the festivities come one after the other.