Skansen - Outdoor Museum in Stockholm Sweden

Skansen - a window into Swedish history

Skansen is the world's oldest outdoor museum, founded in 1891. Here you can stroll through five centuries of Sweden, the Sami camp in the north to Skåne in the south, all in a total of 300 000 sqm of living history. Feel the history in the historic houses and estates, where chores such as carding, spinning, weaving, cooking and baking is performed by people dressed in period costume. In the gardens and plots around the houses, flowers, fruits and vegetables flourish.

City neighborhoods from the 1850s, craftsman shops fill the cobblestone street. Meet Nordic wild animals such as bears, wolves, wolverine, moose and lynx at Skansen - Stockholm's only zoo. In the traditional way, all holidays are being celebrated, such as May Day, Sweden's National Day, Midsummer, Lucia, Christmas and New Year. Skansen follows the seasons as they used to, with seeding, mowing and harvesting. With stunning views of Stockholm you can enjoy a meal at one of the nice restaurants. The museum shop sells traditional crafts and new Swedish design.

Skansen is open every day - all year round.

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