Idre Fjäll

A mountain holiday with lots of sun, laughter and snow. Life is so easy and this skiing adventure offers both laughter and snow. In any case, at least here at Idre Fjäll, that we can guarantee, because we have both laughter and guaranteed snow. Welcome to a winter holiday in a classic mountain setting!

4o colorful slopes accumulated around a peak that extends out to the slopes so you can ski down in all directions. It´s your choice whether you want sun in your back or facing the sun as your own spotlight. With 40 downhill runs of all difficulty levels we offer skiing that satisfies the whole family's wishes. The skiing system have 26 lifts and allows you to easily and quickly get to your favorite slopes without any dreary time consuming trips.

For all board and skiers who like jumps, rails, corners and tabletops you have the Snowpark. At Idre Fjäll you will find skiing in both Dalarna's steepest slope Chocken and the name that says exactly what it is; Dalarna's longest. Simply varied skiing for the whole party. Västbacken, Gröngölingen, Ravinen, Specialen and Carvingsvängen are some other examples. Here you can quickly find your favorite slope, whether you are a slider, an adventurer or a novice when it comes to skiing. It also means that the whole family can enjoy skiing even if the requests can be highly variable.

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