Skoklosters slott

Skokloster Castle is one of the world's premier baroque castle in a scenic setting on the Mälaren beach, near Arlanda. Visit the castle on your own! Upstairs in the Wrangel and Brahevåningen there are museums, stylishly dressed in period-style clothes, ready to answer questions. Or follow on a guided tour that continues on more floors, including the Uncleaned Hall and Wrangel's rust chamber.

There is also the famous painting "Vertumnus, the God of Seasons" by Giuseppe Arcimboldo, often lent to museums around the world. Audioguide in Swedish and English. In the castle café, freshly baked coffee breads and lunches are served, choose between sitting in the old kitchen during the 17th century vaults or in the summer - in the shade of the lakes overlooking the Mälaren. The store offers postcards, souvenirs, jewelry and other beautiful things. Free entrance! Open year only for pre-booked groups.

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