le Bon Palais

Stockholm's nightlife is evolving and taking shape. The city centre is expanding and the nightlife pulse has moved to Bantorget in the City.

Imagine a powerful discotheque with a warm and welcoming atmosphere that makes you remember a time of elegance and luxury. A place where guests can be themselves and live out their desires with like-minded people to the best music from the 70 -, 80 -, and 90's.

Along with the radio channel Vinyl 107, le Bon Palais will arrange club Vinyl bar every Friday and a separate special event each month. The locale of Barnhusgatan 12, which will accommodate about 1 000 people, has a long history. Earlier this housed the legendary dance palace Aladdin and the re-launch is a fan of past elegance and luxury.

le Bon Palais is open Friday-Saturday, 20-03, and offer the noon-serving in a separate part of the restaurant.

Welcome to le Bon Palais!

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