Vadstena Klosterhotel

Stay right in a living convent in Vadstena, with its medieval history by the shore of Lake Vättern. The convent was the center of medieval Vadstena and here you would find the folkunga palace, the convent and the monastery, with the great abbey church between them. Here the whispering winds take you to the times of Birger Jarl, King Valdemar and St. Birgitta.

Vadstena Abbey Hotel is today a modern weekend and conference hotel. We have kept our unique medieval setting, without compromising on comfort and quality. The Hotel and Restaurant Munkklostret are housed in some of the oldest buildings; St. Birgitta convent from the 1300s and Birger Jarl princely palace from the 1200's and the Royal Hall which dates from year 1253. The thick walls and the high cross vaults creates a picture of how life once was in the monastery.

Vadstena has a fantastically well-preserved history and surrounded by the specific nature of Östergötland and Lake Vätterns clear water. There are many opportunities for guided tours or a stroll on your own to explore both history and culture. We have many art galleries, wonderful opera with Vadstena Academy and theater such as Shakespeare on the grass courtyard that is played in the outdoor environment.

The lush green park in front of the hotel provides both sun and shade for those who want a relaxed stay. You also get the opportunity to swim outside the hotel or in city port in the middle of Vadstena. The promenade along the shore of Lake Vättern leads you just in a couple of minutes to the castle and harbor. You will also pass Birgittasisters convent which is opposite the hotel.

The hotel is close to all the cultural attractions, restaurants and quaint shopping in Vadstena city center. Besides the famous Abbey Church, St. Birgittas Convent Museum, Mårten Skinnares house, Hospital Museum and Vadstena Castle and also Toy Museum, Pilgrim Centre, Golf Course, Regional Archives and beautiful surroundings such as Ombergs eco-park and bird lake Tåkern .

Vadstena Abbey Hotel offers weekend packages and conferences, wedding and party arrangements in a unique medieval setting. By having varying size and character of the premises and the rooms both smaller and larger parties will feel at home with us. We have extensive experience in composing feasts, accommodation and other arrangements for your special requests.

Restaurant Munkklostret and our well-stocked wine cellar is located in the old monk monastery´s main building. The restaurant will do everything for a memorable taste experience. The menu goes after the genuine Swedish flavors suitable for the season, with everything from crayfish from the lake to the mushrooms from the forests around Vadstena.

Thanks to our various buildings we are able to cater to many guest requests. Genuine monastery environment, modern accommodation, wheelchair friendly, conference rooms of different sizes and with different decor. Each guest can find his favorite room and with us as all rooms have their own style and atmosphere. Welcome to Vadstena Klosterhotell!

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