Färna Herrgård & Spa - Mansion & Spa in Skinnskatteberg

If you choose to spend a weekend or weekday at Färna Mansion & Spa you will get, in addition to fabulous mansion surroundings, you will experience a true spa hotel by the personal style that puts our guests and our environment first.

Our food, signed Inga-Lena Eriksson, is prepared with great care for our environment by mainly local ingredients. The Summertime brings a lot of spices and vegetables that are used in our kitchen garden.

Enjoy also the splendid park surrounding the mansion. Recreational amenities include a gazebo, mausoleum and an orangery. In Herrgårdsboden you will find 300 square feet of shopping. It features local crafts, jewelry, furnishings, clothing and much more.

With our 58 rooms and 78 beds, we can take care of both the large and the small group. We have 6 fully equipped conference rooms and associated breakout rooms of various sizes. Access to pool and sauna at Färna Spa course included in the help mission with us.

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