Vikingliv is the museum for anyone who wants to get an insight into life during the Viking era and experience one of history's most mythical spells. Here is Ragnfrids Saga, an 11-minute viking trip, which invites the visitor to a dramatic story about a family's life in the 9th century.

In addition, an exhibition showing several aspects of the Vikings real history, where one can learn about the role of children and women, how people lived, what they cultivated and how they lived and traveled. You can also meet a Viking man made in natural size, using DNA from a skeleton in Sigtuna.

There is a restaurant and a museum shop on VIkingaliv.

The menu at Glød Restaurant offers a mix of mustard stews, vegetarian dishes, moderate sandwiches and salads. For those who wish, there is also Viking-themed food in the form of Glöds Viking Cup and of course a flour for those who want to try.

The museum store has a varied selection of jewelry, ornaments, books, home items, candy and toys for all ages. Much is custom made for Viking life, locally produced and coming from all over Scandinavia.

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